The Honest Truth About Most Body Lotion and Creams

Thanks to most skin care companies, finding quality body lotion and creams is a lot more difficult that it needs to be. If there was only a rule that prevented ineffective body lotion and creams from being placed on the shelves. Since there isn’t, here’s what all consumers should know about most body lotion and creams and how you can better your chances of finding products that actually work.

Now a days, many skin care companies create body lotion and creams using ingredients that have no business being in any kind of skin care product. Whether they’re just cheap to use, they help make the product smell nicer, or they have a certain type of perceived value that can be used to take advantage of consumers, skin care companies don’t hesitant to use them.

For example, many kinds of body lotion and creams contain a fragrance, Fragrances are made with toxins and chemicals that can harm the skin. Would you want to apply this kind of substance to every inch of your skin? You’re better off using a spray or two of perfume, delay spray in karachi cologne, or body spray if you want to smell nice.

Another is mineral oil. The only reason manufacturers use mineral oils is because they are cheap. But in actuality, they clog your pores making it difficult for your skin to remove harmful toxins from your skin. Plus, they can cause allergic reactions and skin rashes too.

Another common cheap ingredient is parabens. These are put into low-quality body lotion and creams to keep them from spoiling. But they have been shown to cause cancer and interfere with the body’s endocrine system. I can’t believe ingredients like this are even allowed to be used in skin care products.

After much trial and error and research into skin care, I’ve come to the conclusion that all body lotion and creams found at drug stores and pharmacies are garbage. They are all cheap products containing cheap ingredients that should never be applied to the skin.

I’ve found that the Internet is a much better place to look for quality body lotion and creams. Many of the most powerful skin care ingredients are from the opposite side of the world. And by browsing online, you can read much more about a product and the ingredients it contains then you can by reading a product label at the store.

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