Finding The Dream Language

Many people believe that dreams have no meaning. They suppose that our dreams are insignificant projections of our emotions and fears. They also think that deciphering the real meaning of a dream is an impossible practice.

This happens because the meaning of dreams was distorted by many false methods of dream interpretation. These methods ruined the importance of dreams with their superficiality.

Other people understand that the scientific method of dream interpretation is a superior translation from images into words. They perceive that there is a big difference between the scientific translations and the popular interpretations, the same way 1991 menh gi that there is a big difference between classical and popular music.

As an intelligent individual, you should understand that you have to study the scientific method of dream interpretation, so that you may verify how important the meaning of dreams really is. You cannot act like those who refuse to understand the dream language.

Analphabets are unable to learn anything by reading, even if they will find the best information about this matter. Those who declare that there is no meaning in dreams are as ignorant as analphabets. They despise the importance of dreams because they are unable to evaluate the information contained in the dream images.

All dream images have a symbolic meaning you must learn, the same way you must learn the alphabet of a language that is totally different from your own language if you want to understand a document written in this language. Studying a foreign language in order to understand its meaning is an obvious necessity, but some people don’t understand that exactly the same happens with the dream language.

Carl Jung was a genius who managed to discover the hidden meaning of dreams after making a long and complex research. He looked for the meaning of important images for various civilizations like an archaeologist. He also managed to understand the psychology of dreams and their healing power.

I prove this truth with my research, which is a continuation of his work. My discoveries prove that his method is the only one that accurately translates the unconscious messages.

Carl Jung discovered that our dreams are produced by the unconscious mind, but he couldn’t understand the religious importance of his discovery. He concentrated his attention only on its scientific importance.

The wisdom of the unconscious mind proves that God speaks in dreams. This fact was discovered many years ago by various ancient civilizations, but this knowledge was not transmitted to the next generations.

The absurd modern civilization annulated the importance of dreams with its cold materialism. However, our scientific and technological progress didn’t help us find solutions for our problems. We didn’t find explanations for all mysteries. We cannot explain many phenomena. We must admit the existence of God if we want to be realistic.

Our dreams prove that God is alive because they contain His words. God’s wisdom is clearly reflected in the dream messages. This is a fact you can verify by yourself because I simplified the dream language.

Studying the dream language is as easy (or as complicated) as studying a foreign language. If learning another language is a complicated matter for you, you should submit your dreams for professional dream translation. I will give you private lessons of dream interpretation besides translating your dreams, to help you learn the dream language.

Your dreams help you stop doing what your wild conscience imposes to your conscience. Your dreams also help you develop your intelligence and sensitivity. You learn how to always be calm, without being controlled by anger. You must be able to control your behavior, and never act without pondering your actions.

Your dreams give you trustful information about your reality. While you cannot trust the false information of the hypocritical world, you can absolutely trust the information you have in dreams because it comes from God. You have many explanations that help you verify that this information is real, and you have many confirmations in your daily life.

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